Monday, January 10, 2011

Among my random scraps of paper is a crossword puzzle which I took out of a New York Times "Best of" compilation book. The clue for 35-Across is: "9/11 notable"--which, at first, I assumed meant September 11th. I later noticed the puzzle was dated "Friday, July 24th, 1998", so it couldn't be a reference to September 11th. However, in solving the puzzle, it turned out the answer was 'Giuliani.'

I don't currently have an online subscription to the New York Times crossword puzzle. But I used to. And I was curious what the original clue had been, thinking it was probably some lighthearted, not very serious jab at Giuliani which somebody nonetheless felt like changing.

So I went to the archive and found the original wording of the clue. I don't remember what it was, but it was something totally innocuous--'Big Apple mayor", or something similar to that.

Now the question is why someone (and who, for that matter?) would decide to change it.

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