Thursday, January 27, 2011

Further down the street from The Boiler Room, there was a glass-enclosed pet display with a black stuffed cat inside. Then I noticed that the cat was real; also there was a white cat on the upper "level." Only the black cat was awake at the moment. I pondered the whole display for a while, because it really was cold out, and for some reason the set-up of the display seemed to suggest it couldn't be well heated. Then again, I like to sleep with the window open, and it's not unusual behavior for a cat to wander outside at night.

If you type in "Do cats get cold" into Google, the first three auto-complete options are: "in winter," "outside," and "outside in winter." I'm not really interested in getting the answer from Google. I was just interested if other people had wondered this same thing.

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  1. They had to use fur, like how they did it in comedy movies.