Saturday, January 22, 2011

I dreamt a girl was showing me the shower facilities for a hotel I had just checked into. The showers were all outdoors, and had glass doors. Upon seeing this, I demanded a refund, but she told me the transaction had already been made, and my $38.00 could not be refunded. It was bitterly cold out, and a man of about 50 came outside to make use of the showers. This was clearly bullshit, and I went back to my room feeling frustrated.

The guy next door was playing some music with a loud bass, and I began pounding on the walls to get him to shut up. I tried the door which appeared to connect our two rooms. It opened up into an abandoned locker-room type area, and I went in and found some abandoned shower facilities. There were a few spiders here and there, but overall a small price to pay for my own indoor shower.

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