Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I walked into a mostly empty deli and headed over to the sandwich counter. A girl walked over from the register and said, "Excuse me, I want to put this in the jar."
"Go right ahead," I said, and she put a dollar into the tip jar. This was a girl who appreciated her sandwich. I asked her if she knew where the sandwich guy was.

"He was here a moment ago," she said. "He should be right back."

This was a girl who knew the score, and who probably would even if it were halftime. Seriously, if you were driving someplace, and weren't sure about the directions, this is the type of girl you'd want riding in the shotgun.

I began lamenting to the sky: "Sandwich guy! Where are you?....Sandwich guy! Where are you?...." A few moments later sandwich guy showed up, and I realized I didn't yet know what type of sandwich I wanted.

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