Monday, January 31, 2011

There were two beggars standing nearby a convenience store, and one of them asked me for change as I headed inside. I said, "Maybe on the way out."
On the way out he asked again and added: "It's cold out. I can't feel my toes."
I chuckled. It's good for beggars to have a sense of humor, even when techincally they're telling the truth. He had on boots and was carrying a backpack.

"How'd you wind up in this place, man?" I asked. He had the face of someone who looks like he should know better than to wind up a street beggar.

"You mean in front of this store or in general?"

"In general. You don't look much older than me."

"Got kicked out when I was 16. Just been trying to survive day to day ever since."

There was another beggar further back on the sidewalk, and I couldn't give money to one man and simply ignore the other. I saw I only had 26 cents left, and kind of apologized for not having more to offer.

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