Wednesday, February 16, 2011

 I've felt increasingly guilty ever since February 9th. I woke up around 5 A.M. and realized I had fallen asleep the night before without making a post. So I quickly wrote up a post that I had been contemplating around 10 P.M.--the Matthew Broderick one--and edited the time-stamp to make it appear like it was posted on February 8th.

I'm ambivalent about that nap. On the one hand, that nap made me miss my quota. But on the other hand, naps are so tasty.

The bottom line is that my nemesis Conan O'Brien is still making one tweet per day, and if I'm going to beat his streak, I need to be completely honest. The last day he missed was December 11th (coincidentally, one day after I began my first streak), and maybe he'll skip next December 11th, too. Or maybe he'll just miss a day. But who knows, this guy could end up being the Cal Ripken, Jr. of twitter posts.

So I skipped my post yesterday, and am starting a new streak today. That way, my February 9th alteration will be reflected in my overall statistics. Since December 10th, I've posted on sixty-five days and missed four days, for a completion rate of 94.2%

[If you missed February 8th, and you skipped yesterday, wouldn't that technically mean you missed five days, rather than four?]

(Shut up! It means exactly what I say it means.)

Since December 10th, my completion rate is 94.2%.

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