Friday, March 25, 2011

A guy was playing as a one-man band on the ACE platform, and, it being midnight, I listened for quite a bit before my car came.  He mostly played drums, cymbals, and gimmicky sound effects.  

I bought one of his CDs for $5, saw by the artwork he was part of a two-man band, and later found out I couldn't stand any of his CD's songs for longer than three seconds.  There seemed to be no clear reason why his subway playing was decent but his CD was terrible.  (I mean, it was attributable to the synthetic humming which accompanied every song.  But there was no clear reason why they decided to add that sound.) Even worse, he has now ruined my proclivity to sample CDs from other subway music-makers.  

From now on I'm sticking with CDs from Peruvian flute bands.  They always bring the goods.

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