Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I had a dream about a man who befriended a female bear outside of his home.  The man took the bear inside and showed her his living room.  The man's wife was coming home later, and the man wanted the bear's opinion on the furnishings.  The man had a magical remote which could change the style of the furniture and decor so that it borrowed from any culture imaginable.  He hit a button and the living room had an Iraqi theme.  He hit another button and the room was now decorated in an Indian fashion.

He asked the bear whether she was impressed.

The bear said that the man's taste was still terrible no matter what culture he borrowed from.

The man asked how this could be, given the vast variety?

The bear further explained that sampling from different cultures doesn't actually enhance your ability to pick well.  The bear then went back into the woods to tend to her cubs, and the man stood there defeated.

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