Sunday, April 24, 2011

I had a dream where Scarlett Johansson was dating one of my roommates, and as I was sleeping in bed she called and asked me to tell my roommate that she'd be arriving in five minutes.  My roommate was in the shower at the time, so this was no problem.

Then I remembered that a friend and I were interested in getting tickets to her new show on Broadway, so I texted her right back, something like:  "try gfew 6 ticlts for me n fridmd too show" and because I was really tired, and this was a dream, my text message was full of spelling errors and barely comprehensible.

Anyway, she came to the house, and I said 'Hi' to her.  And apparently she found my retardedly-worded message to be really funny and/or pathetic, and later in the car she posted it on her Facebook page as an example of how not to ask celebrities for favors.  And then some of our mutual friends starting sharing it, too.  I think she mentioned it in a radio interview as well.

So I went to one of these mutual friends and I told her to tell Scarlett that, if she kept this up, that I was planning to go all "Match Point" on her ass the next time she came to my house, which is a really clever thing to say in the middle of a dream.

(Note:  I do not actually have any ill will towards Scarlett Johansson in real life.  Besides, I wouldn't want Sean Penn to try and kick my ass.)

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