Thursday, May 19, 2011

During downtime last Saturday, as the guys discussed the next match, it reminded me of all the similar passages in The Red Badge of Courage.  And I'm sure such discussions go on all across the world.
"Anyone know when our next match is?"
"I heard 6:00 o'clock."
"Really?  Where'd you hear that?"
"That's way too late."
"I heard it's going to be 40-minute halves."
"Are you serious?"
"That's ridiculous.  We won't get out of here until it's dark."
"Does anyone know where it's going to take place?"
"I heard it's going to be at Field 1."
"Oh, really?  Should we pack up?"
"No, let's just stay here, and move our equipment when we know for sure."
"It's going to rain."
"It's not going to rain. It is raining."
"Anyone have an extra garbage bag?"
"Just make a big pile with all the covered-up bags on top."

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