Thursday, May 5, 2011

I was walking along 57th street, and there were three or four production trucks lined up in a row, which isn't too unusual.  The back of one truck (which said  "Paramount" on the side) was open, and a plush Spider-Man doll was hanging from one of the shelves, at which point I realized, "Oh, I know what this is for."

Farther down the street were several more production vehicles, and at the corner the crew was lighting a shot for a body-double wearing a "Peter" nametag.  The entire production seemed fairly efficient, since no street traffic was being diverted.  And a couple minutes later Andrew Garfield showed up, with his Andrew Garfield-esque hair, and they filmed him walking up to the building, gazing upwards, and heading inside, much like a guy mentally preparing for a job interview.

(My guess was he was walking into the Daily Bugle building, but according to the IMDB page J. Jonah Jameson isn't cast in the movie.

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