Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One after-effect from Kobe Bryant referring to Bennie Adams as a "fucking faggot" is that he's now guaranteed a spot on the Boston Phoenix's 2011 "Unsexiest Men" list.  Most likely in the Top 10.

I doubt that there's any way he'll be #1, considering a different black athlete--Tiger Woods--was #1 last year.  I think the Phoenix would want some racial variety for their #1 picks.  So I think two of the more-likely candidates this year for that spot are Donald Trump and Rex Ryan.  And, while Rex Ryan is certainly fat, I think it's more likely Trump would become the first two-time winner of the award.  But I don't know how the Phoenix feels about repeat winners.

Mark Zuckerberg will probably be in the top 25 too, but I'm not going to go wild with guesses of who they'll pick.

I mean, they once put Hugh Jackman on the list, and that's just...not only does it not make sense...but it's so flagrantly's like...there are six billion people on the planet, and I think only one person out of six billion would be weird enough to put Hugh Jackman on the list, and that person works at the Phoenix.  So it's not always easy to predict what they'll do.

There used to be a comment section under Hugh Jackman's entry, and it was seven pages of people calling the entry's author a retard.  And not just in a "I disagree with you" sense, but in a "You deserve to be living on the street" sense.

It's one of the few times I've felt reassurance by what random internet commenters have said.

I wrote earlier about seeing an entry from last year's list that made me want to smash the author's face with a sledgehammer. That wasn't the Hugh Jackman entry.  But I'll get to that soon.  This was kind of like a warm-up.

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