Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When I get bored, I read blogs.  And this is a bad habit.  

There's a certain style of writing prevalent in blogs that I just can't understand.  I'll call it the "I went to a college" style of writing.  
To illustrate my point, here is a passage from one of the comments on Scott Adams's blog.  Like my brother, Scott Adams was recently made the object of Gawker's derision, which explains why I'm paying attention to his situation.  Adams wrote a post about a value system for judging people.

The comment's passage reads:
The only difference of opinion I have is that your post implies that our current macro society and its value systems are part of a natural course, inevitable cultural evolution so to speak. I beg to differ here...

Scott Adams is supposedly a smart guy.  The people who read his blog are supposedly smart.  But I read that sentence, and it makes absolutely no fucking sense at all to me.  It makes no sense because I can't understand the mindset of the person who wrote it.  I don't comprehend, on a gut level, how such a person as wrote that sentence exists.

Now, if I had to analyze it and answer a corresponding SAT question about that sentence, I could.  I can pretend, temporarily, to understand it.  But if my brainwaves can't align with, or mimic, those of the person who wrote the sentence, I don't bother trying to assimilate it.


The other day I planned on writing a long blog post about American Apparel.

Gawker and its related sites (e.g. Jezebel) seem to dislike American Apparel.  I vaguely remember that American Apparel used to be cool.  But now it's uncool?  There must have been a shift somewhere, like how John McCain used to be really cool, but then he quickly became both uncool and sinister.  Both these events probably occurred around 2005.  I went through the Gawker archives, and found links to other posts and articles about American Apparel dating back to 2000.  

But I couldn't write anything, because I wasn't yet sure about anything.  The only thing I know for sure is that the models in the American Apparel ads are hot, and that by itself is not a newsworthy-enough post.

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