Monday, June 6, 2011

I was browsing on Facebook, when I noticed my friends counter dropped by one, from 212 to 211. (Of whom, two are fake profiles, and once is a deceased dog.)  Maybe it was in response to something I'd posted.  Maybe it was a sore Red Sox fan? Maybe it was just a coincidence.

But who?  Who was it?

It wasn't any of my family members.  It wasn't any of my co-workers.  It wasn't that person...or that person...or her...or her...or him...

After five minutes of review, I got a hunch (about my 5th hunch) and typed in the name of a girl I knew from freshman year in college.  She goes to UChicago, and I had filtered out her posts a while ago because 90% of them were about food.  If she was the girl who unfriended me, it would be like opening the penny suitcase on Deal or No Deal.

I typed in the first three letters of her name, and saw her profile pop up third from the top (beneath Minute Maid and Slim Jim). Since I'm not friends with Minute Maid or Slim Jim, I knew already it was her.  Her wall and info were mostly private, but we still shared six mutual friends.  

So that solves one drop.  But I could've sworn my friends list dropped a couple weeks ago too, perhaps during finals time?  I hadn't been able to resolve the mystery then.

I doubt it was any of the people from my theater semester...Most of them are aspiring actors.  No aspiring actor would ever unfriend someone on Facebook.
One girl recently swapped her theater ambitions for more selfless ambitions.  I typed in her name and sure enough she appears to have left Facebook.

So that solves another of my drops.

There's also one other guy at Stanford who I think deactivated his account around finals time:  A monstrous Italian who was regarded as my college rugby team's best player from the last five years.  He returned occasionally as a ringer, and I only friended him after getting man of the match honors in a game we'd both played.  Granted, the award is kind of subjective, but I can reflect on that and think, "For one day, I was the same caliber as that guy."

Now it'll be tougher to convince people I know that guy.

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