Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm no expert on basketball statistics, but when your +/- for a game is -24, and it leads your team by a significant margin, that seems to indicate you're the most worthless player on the team.  

Shortly after Game 6 somebody in some forum quoted a FiveThirtyEight tweet that said: 
For the series, Heat were outscored by 36 with LeBron on the floor. But they outscored Dallas by 22 with him on the bench.  

It wasn't an obscure statistic to find, but it's as though a statistic is somehow more authoritative when it comes from that guy's blog.  Maybe it's because people know he won't just cite random statistics?   

Over in Shake Shack, the episode of Sportscenter on TV compared Lebron James and Dirk Nowitzki's crunch time performances for the series.  James's point total was 0, Nowitzki's was rather high, and a couple kids behind me had a chuckle at that.  I was watching too, of course.


I still haven't described what Nate Silver wrote that really annoyed me.  I wrote a draft of it, however, in checking some of his subsequent posts, noticed he sort of acknowledged everything I was going to say.  Then I asked myself, "If I had read this at the time, would I still have written my draft?"  I still think everything in my draft holds true--and expect Nate Silver not to change his mindset in the future--but the question is, would I have felt compelled to write it?  Probably not.  So I'll file it away in my drafts folder for later.  

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