Wednesday, June 1, 2011 now allows visitors to leave comments for every word via their Facebook profiles.

When I noticed this, the first word I looked up was "retarded", because I wanted to see what retarded arguments the commenters would have for not using the word.

Here is the first commenter's retarded argument for not using the word.  I'll call her "Sarah H.":

Sarah H:
retarted is used as another word for stupid or dumb. When in truth it means use just don't learn the same way as others, or as fast. So please stop saying the word retarted for calling someone stupid or dumb. It doesn't just hurt people with developmental problems, it also hurts people who know someone like that or understand what how cruel it is, and how truly beautiful they are inside and out.So please just stop!

Sarah H:  Unable to spell a word despite looking it up in the dictionary.

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