Saturday, June 11, 2011

Most of my roommates in New York have implied that they follow recycling habits.  As a result I've become self-conscious about my own trash, and have been saving anything made out of paper, plastic, glass or aluminum--and by "saving", I mean tossing these products beside my desk, under my bed, or piling them onto my shelves.

Yet by worrying what others would think about me, I've neglected my own environment.  If "eco-friendly" means not harming one's own environment, and I consider my environment to be where I live, then I've made a big mistake.

My immediate environment--my bedroom--is populated with empty cans, bottles, and old newspapers.  I've yet to toss them away, because I've yet to develop an efficient system. Granted, in the long term that could be an altruistic goal, but in the short-term my behavior demonstrates a startling lack of concern for my own surrounding environment.  By not throwing away my containers and newspapers into the general trash, I've been the opposite of eco-conscious.

This is terrible.  Immediately after posting this update, I'm going to toss all my trash into a large bag.

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