Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Most hotel rooms (and some hostels) in London provide free coffee packets and electric water heaters in the room, so when I woke up I figured, "What the hell.  Free coffee."  I don't normally drink coffee.
About half-an-hour later I felt the urge to gag my throat, and so walked over to the toilet, gagged myself, and felt the bit of regurgitated matter that, maybe once a month, spontaneously leaps up my throat into my mouth--and which, more often than not, I swallow back down.  It's not an entirely unpleasant experience.  But this turned out to be a different matter.    

Four cycles in total, once I finished.

And afterwards I could smell the stench of stale coffee on my breath.  My sense of smell isn't usually keen, and to be struck by a scent is kind of rare. 

And afterwards I wondered to myself, "Is that why creative people--by which I mean, creative people as I imagine them--like to drink coffee, and smoke cigartettes?  And why they always write about characters with the smell of coffee and cigarettes on their breath.  Because the scent is so strong?" 

Water has no scent.  You could drink water while doing anything. 
But if you're surrounded by the stench of coffee and cigarettes, then...

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