Friday, October 14, 2011

I was browsing to learn what interesting news stories I'd missed during this past week.

What I learned is that, as of right now, I hate The Week.  And that's mostly due to one article: 

Title: A real flying carpet?
Heading: Princeton researchers excite Aladdin fans by developing a tiny carpet-like device that can float on air.

There are Disney fans, and Battlestar Galactica fans, and even fans of vampires.  But it seems weird to say someone is a fan of an individual movie.  So I clicked on the link to find out if these so-called "Aladdin fans" really existed.

Apparently not.  There was no mention of Aladdin fans, or of Aladdin, anywhere in the article.  In none of the sources cited (BBC News; International Business Times; PC World; PhysOrg) was Aladdin--whether the movie or the character--mentioned once.  And yet whoever wrote that heading said a specific thing happened.  He or she specifically said that, thanks to the work of Princeton researchers, Aladdin fans were excited.     

I don't think whoever wrote that heading is a liar.  I just think they're a lazy-ass writer, who saw the opportunity to get extra page hits by mentioning a popular cartoon.

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