Saturday, March 10, 2012

The website had a link on January 13th titled:
"The breakdown of the budget for Star Wars in 1977.  Inflation is a biatch."

Fark's link led to a post on  The io9 post had an image of the film's original budget. had borrowed the story from had borrowed the story from had borrowed the story from had taken the image from a book called The Hollywood Story, published in 2003.  The author of the post, Ambrose Heron, mentioned he had come across The Hollywood Story in a bookstore, and that The Hollywood Story had reprinted the image from Anatomy of the Movies, published in 1981.  

Ambrose had scanned the image onto his flickr account.

The Fark post had been clicked 14,131 times.
The i09 post had been viewed 26,857 times, which would indicate more than half its viewers came from Fark.
Ambrose's photo on flickr of the budget has been viewed 174 times.

The Fark posts had 65 comments.
The i09 post had 25 comments
The ComicsAlliance post had 3 comments
The Blastr post had 18 comments.
The FilmDetail post had 0 comments.

At the bottom of the FilmDetail post was a line reading: "If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it!"  And there were links for reddit, facebook, twitter, and

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