Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tucker Max, the author and the former nemesis of the Massler family, was in some news yesterday.  Tucker's publicist, Ryan Holiday, wrote an opinion piece for Forbes talking about Tucker's unsuccessful efforts to donate $500,000 to Planned Parenthood in exchange for getting a clinic named after him.

Several blogs explained Planned Parenthood's rationale for rejecting the donation, but I think they're missing an important detail:  I don't think that Tucker Max ever tried to donate $500,000 in the first place.  Last November, Ryan Holiday tried to spread a fabricated story about signing a "major" book deal for (allegedly) $500,000.  The Observer soon revealed that it was a hoax with the sole intention of garnering publicity.  They ran some excerpts from Ryan Holiday's book proposal, including this one:

"The press release announcing the sale of this book is the perfect opportunity to create a compelling yet fake spectacle about the book. Relying on the fact that blogs and media outlets simply take for granted whatever is stated in a release, we will state in the press release that the advance given for this book was a spectacular sum."

So now, Ryan Holiday is trying to start another controversy which coincidentally involves the exact same amount of money.   

I left a comment on the Forbes post asking Holiday about the Observer article, and why his story should be trusted in this case, but the comment was deleted.  (I assume he's the one who deleted it.)  So I left a second comment, and that was deleted, too.

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