Friday, July 24, 2015

There's a random YouTube account named "LWTHighlights," and last month it uploaded its one and only video to date:  A clip of John Oliver chugging a Bud Light Lime.

Oliver was chugging the Bud Light Lime to celebrate the (pending) resignation of Sepp Blatter, and it was a highly anticipated event, much like how a main event on Monday Night Raw might get announced a full week in advance.  For whatever reason, the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel never uploaded this part of the episode, which left an opening for "LWTHighlights" to swoop in .

The clip is grainy and low-quality.  But still, it's got over 1,600,00 views.  And a bunch of websites, such as UpRoxx, embedded the clip shortly after it had been posted:

So what I'm wondering is:  Was any particular person behind the LWTHighlights channel, and how did the folks at Last Week Tonight feel about it?

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