Thursday, August 27, 2015

And now I'm back down to following 60 people on Twitter.  I unfollowed Alex Weprin, who was a guy that seemed to tweet useful information in short bursts.  But then, I stopped and had to reconsider whether it's actually healthy to take in all that information.

For example, he'll tweet, "Donald Trump on Morning Joe tomorrow, per MSNBC," which is useful if you want to follow politics and see what guys like Trump actually say in live interviews (as opposed to watching a rehashed version).  He also had an interesting update about Dan Rather "shuttering" his AXS TV newsmagazine and working with Mashable.  And I didn't even know Dan Rather had a program on AXS TV until reading that tweet.

So it's useful information...but it does't always feel good to consume in real time.

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