Friday, September 4, 2015

I went a few days without checking Digg, but then I checked it again and thought, "Eh, this ain't so bad."  So I'll try cutting off Twitter for a few days and see how that feels.  If given one choice, I'd keep the RedLetterMedia account in my feed....everyone else is hit-and-miss most of the time.  (Heck, even with regards to RedLetterMedia I'm more a fan of Half in the Bag and usually skip any of the "wheel" stuff.)  I like MediaGazer, but the fact is I only click a small percentage of their Twitter links.  There's a story today on about Fusion overhauling its TV station which is kinda "meh."  Like, why should I care about Fusion?  But there's another story about  a coalition of rights groups calling on Twitter to reverse the ban on Politwoops.  That's probably worth reading.

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