Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mr. Robot looks like a real boring show.

Girl:  If you're sick, I'll be there for you.
Guy:  I have a confession to make....I'm not actually sick.
Girl:  You asshole. Never speak to me again!
Guy:  No, wait, you don't understand.  I have to tell you something.  There's a kid who's hacking me.
Girl:  What?
Insert boring dialogue
Guy:  He's breaking the law.  We have to stop him.
Insert more boring dialogue.
Guy: (Looking up at the restaurant's facade.)  We had some good times here, didn't we?

Everything just moves so slowly and all the dialogue is portentous.  Either start talking like real people or shut up already.  I can't believe that these two characters would've EVER had a good time at a restaurant together.

I guess it's possible I'll wind up watching an episode and it'll contain a good scene, but that day wasn't yesterday.

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