Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Curse you Wells Fargo!

I went into Wells Fargo to close my checking account, because they were taking a $12 monthly fee.  The guy at the desk convinced me not to close the account; or, rather, he convinced me to create a second checking account with a few supposed conveniences, such as being able to use a non-Wells Fargo ATM three times a month without a fee.  Also, he explained the bank wouldn't charge a fee if I maintained a balance of $1,500.  And he reimbursed me for the most-recent $12 fee.

Okay, fine.  I agreed to give the new checking account a shot to see if it's worthwhile.

Except, I later learned, the guy at the desk didn't close my first checking account when he created the second checking account.  So now I've got two checking accounts for some reason.

Damn you, Wells Fargo.  That wasn't part of the deal!  No wonder your CEO resigned!

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