Sunday, October 30, 2016

Star Trek reviews, episodes 1-2

Hulu is missing a lot of good shows nowadays, like Ice Road Trucker and Big Fix Alaska.  What bullshit!

But I may as well get my money's worth by re-watching some classics, like Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I don't know how many episodes I've seen.  Probably less than half.  So I'll just watch the whole series from episode 1.

Episode 1, Encounter at Farpoint:
God damn, they didn't waste any time introducing the best character.  I've read that the series took a while to find its footing, and so I assumed the writers wouldn't get around to creating the best character until a few seasons in.  But they led off with Q right away.  They knew what they were doing!  Also, Counslor Troi is doing an annoying Jean Grey impression.  I sense...great sorrow! Ahhh!  That's going to get annoying real quick.  Does she do that throughout the entire series?

Episode 2, The Naked Now:
They sure like freezing people on this show.  That's three times in the first two episode.  It's the one practical effect we've mastered. Let's get the most out of it!

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