Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Late Night and elections

I don't think Donald Trump would have much of a chance in this upcoming election if Jon Stewart were still hosting The Daily Show:

John Oliver is okay, I guess.  But what was his main contribution to the whole anti-Trump campaign?  Calling Donald Trump "Donald Drumpf"?  I assume it's supposed to make people think of Hitler (cause not many words end in "mpf.")   Seth Meyers and Samantha Bee are very partisan, too.

With Jon Stewart, you could watch him and think, "Yeah, he's partisan, but he's also the smartest guy in the room."  Also, you have to remember that Donald Trump and Jon Stewart are both WWE fans.  Donald Trump participated in the battle of the billionaires at Wrestlemania, and Jon Stewart cost John Cena the title at SummerSlam.  They're cut from the same cloth.  I feel like there's something which Jon Stewart "gets" that most other people don't.  Does Stephen Colbert, for instance, know anything about WWE?  He's probably been too busy reading Lord of the Rings for the 10th time.

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