Thursday, November 3, 2016

Review of iPhone apps

I got a new iPhone recently.  So, with nothing better to do, I'll review some of the apps.  This is the only app-review guide you'll ever need!

IHeartRadio:  This is the best app.  You can listen to local radio stations like Z100 or 106.7 Lite FM.

CBS News:  Pretty cool.  I can livestream the news without having to enter my cable subscription account information.  (I do not have a cable account.)

Police Scanner+:  I listened for 15 minutes and nobody spotted Sandman.

Facebook and YouTube:  Nah.  I'd rather just browse these on my laptop.

Numbers, Keynote and Pages:  I don't know what these even are....

Watch:  I don't own an Apple Watch.  This has an annoying-to-read layout.

Oxford dictionary:  This has a better layout than  Congrats Oxford, you've made the lineup!

DuoLingo:  Screw this app.  Am I really supposed to learn a language by matching up words?  Le Chat = The cat?   I feel dumber for trying out the first three lessons.

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