Thursday, November 24, 2016

TV Review: Stark Trek: TNG, episodes 4 and 5

Episode 4: "The Last Outpost"
The crew meets the Ferengi, and everyone almost freezes to death.  I enjoyed this episode because there was no Wil Wheaton in it.  He's tied with Tasha Yar as the worst character.  Also, the episode had Riker acting like a badass in the face of death.

Episode 5:  "Where No One Has Gone Before"
A couple engineers come aboard to fix the Enterprise's warp drive, and they wind up accidentally traveling to the outer rim of the universe.  I liked the premise of this episode but not the execution--mainly because it focused a ton on Wil Wheaton.  Were the producers hoping to make Wil Wheaton a breakout character of this show?  He's presented like some idiot savant who can intuitively grasp concepts around warp drive and engineering.  Actually, "idiot savant" might be the incorrect term.  Is he supposed to be a regular savant?  It's difficult to tell with Wil Wheaton.

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