Sunday, December 25, 2016

Barnes and Noble

When did Barnes and Noble become the new Toys 'R Us?  They've got board games, and legos, and lots of puzzles.  If you need Scrabble, you head for Barnes and Noble!

That's not really a complaint.  I was in Barnes and Noble on December 24th, and it was nice to spend time in an alternate universe where bookstores are popular.

If all the Barnes and Noble stores shut down, where would authors hold book readings?  What options are there?  Would they resort to a fucking Starbucks or something?  That would be awful.  I don't know how many Barnes and Noble stores are even left in the city at this point.  My guess is there are about three in Manhattan.  The one by Union Square.  The one around midtown.  And a third on the upper east side.  Is that it?

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