Saturday, December 24, 2016

Movie review: "Ex Machina"

I was surprised to find out that the main character of this movie was some nerdy 20-something kid from Long Island.  The promotional images all focused on the same shot of Eva in the hallway playing with the mask.  This image:

It looked dull and existential, and I assumed there wouldn't be a relatable character in the movie.  (You can't relate  to a robot, after all.)  

Anyway...I thought the movie was well-written.  I watched it all in one sitting.

There was one scene where Caleb asks Nathan if he purposefully designed Eva's face based on his (Caleb's) pornography searches.   I thought it was a weird line, because Alicia Vikander doesn't really have a face that seems to represent a "type."  Unless your type is "less attractive version of Jessica Alba."  

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