Monday, December 26, 2016

Movie review: Larry Crowne

This movie was fucking terrible.

It's about a guy, Larry Crowne, who gets laid off from his job at U-Mart.  (Sort of like Wal-Mart.)  So he goes to a community college to get an education.

It was directed by Tom Hanks.  I expected the movie to be charming--you know, like Tom Hanks's other movie, That Thing You Do!  Instead, it was just grating.  All the character behaved like they were high on Prozac.  The only good scenes were the ones between Julia Roberts and Bryan Cranston.  They played a bickering couple, and they actually felt realistic.

I think the main problem is that Larry Crowne should have been played by a lovable schlub.  Tom Hanks is a good actor, but he's not a schlub.  I don't believe Tom Hanks would get stuck at some dead-end U-Mart job, or that he'd happy with it.  You needed someone like John C. Reilly in the role.  Then, when Larry Crowne hooks up with the teacher, you can be like, "Whoa.  Way to go John C. Reilly!"

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