Friday, December 2, 2016

Recounting numbers

This Daily Caller article is weird:  The writer, Blake Neff, mockingly notes that after the first day of the Wisconsin recount, Hillary Clinton gained just one vote.  He also notes the only county to have completed its recount was Menominee County, which has a population of 4,232.  It is literally the smallest county in the state.  Wisconsin as a whole has a population of 5,771,337.

That's a ratio of 1,363:1.  You've gotta assume Hillary is getting at least an additional 1,363 votes if Menominee County is any indication.

The article also says that Jill Stein got an additional 17 votes after the Menominee County recount, and Gary Johnson got an additional 12 votes.  What the fuck?  I checked the results from Politico, which showed Jill Stein and Gary Johnson had 7 and 0 votes, respectively.  How does a teeny-tiny county manage to miss 29 votes?  That's a horrible pattern.  What sort of hack frauds did they get to do the counting?'s a map of all 72 counties in Wisconsin, because maps are fun.

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