Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I used to regularly visit this website called "In-Contention."  It was run by Kristopher Tapley and Guy Lodge.  They covered the Oscar race in-depth, and they had a sidebar listing of the major awards categories and the movies or actors they predicted would get nominations in each category.  In 2012, was acquired by  From that point, you would have to visit

A few years later, the writers of In-Contention were hired by Variety.  Now, you have to visit  Guy Lodge and Kristopher Tapley still write for In-Contention, but it's missing the convenient sidebar.

Last April, HitFix itself got acquired by Woven Digital.  According to a report from Variety, HitFix's 17 employees would be joining Woven Digital.  (Good for them!)  But six months later, Woven Digital laid off 20 employees, most of whom came from HitFix.

At some point, the standalone HitFix website was absorbed by UpRoxx.  So if you want to read anything from HitFix, you have to visit

I liked how HitFix would actually go to movie premieres and tape sit-down interviews with the actors.  The interviews weren't really that insightful, but it was cool to see examples of "press tour" interviews.  Those seem like they would be fun to conduct.  Without actual material, you just wind up with lots of aggregated news and press releases.

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