Saturday, January 7, 2017

Official election numbers

Last month, I tried to keep track of how the Presidential vote counts would change as a result of recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.  I should probably check how the numbers ended.

I'll use the New York Times elections page for the official results.  (At least, I hope they're official):

In Wisconsin:
Trump has 1,405,284 votes.
Clinton has 1,382,536 votes.

In Michigan:
Trump has 2,279,543 votes.
Clinton has 2,268,839 votes.

In Pennsylvania:
Trump has 2,970,733 votes.
Clinton has 2,926,441 votes.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission posted their official results on November 25, showing Trump with a lead of 22,177 votes.  After the recount, Trump had a lead of 22,748 votes.  So his lead increased by several hundred votes.

The Michigan recounted was halted, and the certified results are the same as were reported back on November 28.

The Pennsylvania results tightened a little, but the recount bid itself wound up getting rejected.  I wrote on December 3 that Trump had a lead of roughly 49,000 votes.  (In the days after the election, it was reported Trump had won Pennsylvania by a little over 70,000 votes.)  The final margin was 44,292 votes.

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