Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Updating the news

I've got to stop checking the news throughout the day, because I wind up getting fixated on updates and interpretations.

For example, there was a story today about the Giants trashing their plane after their loss to the Packers.  (Sidenote: Fuck the Packers.)  The New York Post originally ran the headline: "Giants trash airplane following embarrassing playoff blowout."  The writers based a large chunk of the story on some tweets from passengers whose flight had been delayed.  I archived the old headline, since I knew it was probably going to change:  http://archive.is/0rGRB

Later, the headline changed to: "Giants blamed for trashing airplane after playoff blowout."  A Giants spokesman denied the story, and United Airlines said there had been a mechanical problem with the original plane set to depart from Newark, necessitating a swap: http://nypost.com/2017/01/09/giants-trash-airplane-following-embarrassing-playoff-blowout/

So I still have no fucking idea what the truth of the matter is.  Maybe the plane the Giants took was kind of dirty, and had to go through a routine clean-up?  And then people assumed that was the cause for the delay?  It's pretty significant that the headline changed from 'This thing happened' to 'People say this thing happened.'

And that's just a harmless story about whether some football players made a mess.  Imagine all the updates and interpretations that occur with political stories.  

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