Monday, February 13, 2017

Cataloging Netflix

I was looking around at all the different Netflix-themed blogs to get a sense of their current library.  There was an article back in November which said the library contained about 5,300 titles, but I don't want to rely on sporadic news articles.

There's, which provides a database of all the movies and TV shows on Netflix; the site seems to be a source for those "What's leaving Netflix" articles that get written each month.   

There's, a blog devoted to cord-cutting.  There's a blog devoted to streaming.  There's, which has regular blog posts about new Netflix arrivals for each region.  And there's, which also provides a list of movies and TV shows on Netflix.    

The best site might be, because they actually provide details for how many titles are available in the Netflix library for various countries.  The U.S. right now has 5,194 videos--3,903 movies and 1,288 series.  Unogs also shows all the recent titles that have arrived in each country, categorized by "past 24 hours," "past 5 days," and "past 10 days."  Did you know that Captive, the 2015 movie starring David Oyelowo and Kate Mara, recently arrived for subscribers in Ukraine?  Those lucky Ukrainians!  

Kate Mara is a big deal in Ukraine!

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