Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Eyes of the world

The eyes of the world are on New Hampshire.  That's what Concord resident Brian Harlow said at a legislative committee yesterday, regarding the controversy over Robert Fisher:

Now, the committee will have to decide its course of action:
The legislative committee could recommend the full House reprimand, censure, expel or take no action against Fisher.
Meanwhile, The Daily Beast published another article on Monday laying out evidence that Robert Fisher is still the top moderator of r/TheRedPill, using the alias "RedPillSchool."  I glanced at the evidence, and if I had to answer the question of whether Robert Fisher and RedPillSchool are the same person, I'd say: "Probably...?"  Either they're the same person, or they're close buddies.

I think the onus is on Fisher to prove that he's NOT RedPillSchool.

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