Friday, May 5, 2017

Fisher under fire

I googled "Robert Fisher" to see what happened since the Daily Beast article came out.  I figured the situation would've died down and been forgotten by now, but instead the opposite has happened.  According to the Concord Monitor, there's a group of protesters outside the State House:
More than two dozen people gathered outside the State House waving signs and calling for Fisher to step down Thursday morning. “His behavior and attitudes toward women is deplorable,” said Becky Cawley of Concord.
Shit.  You know things are fucked up when Rebecca Cawley is protesting you.

Furthemore, Fisher's fellow Representatives are looking to take action:
The House voted overwhelmingly Thursday to look into the conduct of embattled state Rep. Robert Fisher, recently accused of being the secret creator of a misogynistic online forum.
The decision came hours after more than two dozen people rallied outside the State House calling for the Laconia Republican’s resignation.
I don't know what the House can ultimately do regarding Fisher.  But if people are disgusted with Fisher, he may get booted out of office during the next election cycle.  I checked whom Fisher ran against to win his seat, and it was a woman named Beth Arsenault.  Beth shared three articles about Fisher on her Facebook timeline, and she sounds kind of salty!  A friend wrote, "Beth, you should have been elected. Are you going to run again?" and Beth replied: "I am not sure, but someone needs to defeat him."

I for one hope we'll see Fisher vs. Arsenault, Round 3, in 2018!

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