Thursday, June 1, 2017

Certified Fresh

Alien Covenant has a Tomatometer rating of 71%.  It is "Certified Fresh."

Beauty and the Beast has a Tomatometer rating of 71%.  It is NOT "Certified Fresh."

How does that happen, you may ask?  Well, a movie is labeled "Certified Fresh" under the following conditions:
To receive a Certified Fresh rating a movie must have a steady Tomatometer rating of 75% or better. Movies opening in wide release need at least 80 reviews from Tomatometer Critics (including 5 Top Critics). Movies opening in limited release need at least 40 reviews from Tomatometer Critics (including 5 Top Critics). 
So I'm assuming there was a greater concentration of "fresh" reviews for Alien Covenant during the first week of the film's release, and after 80 reviews the score was over 75%.  As time went on, and as more "rotten" reviews came in, the Tomatometer dropped.  In the case of Beauty and the Beast, the Tomatometer must have been below 75% when the 80th review came in.

They've got nearly the same number of reviews, too.  Alient Covenant has 281 reviews, of which 199 are positive (for a score of 70.82%).  Beauty and the Beast has 277 reviews, of which 196 are positive (for a score of 70.76%).

It's weird how movies will sometimes use the "Certified Fresh" label in their marketing, but the label itself is kind of arbitrary.

Shit, though, what if Alien Covenant keeps getting bad reviews...?
If the Tomatometer score drops below 70%, then the movie or TV show loses its Certified Fresh status. In some cases, the Certified Fresh designation may be held at the discretion of the Rotten Tomatoes editorial team.

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