Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Movie review: The Equalizer 2

YouTube has a pre-roll ad featuring a scene from this film.  I've probably seen the pre-roll a dozen times.  It's the scene where Denzel Washington confronts a group of yuppies in their apartment, and you know shit is about to go down.  Now, I'm someone who's very open to suggestion, and if you show me the same movie clip a dozen times, then I will watch the movie. 

The Equalizer 2 is a decent movie, but it could have been the BEST movie of all time if it was just about Denzel Washington beating up yuppies for two straight hours.  Unfortunately there's a whole other plot involving Pedro Pascal and a group of mercs, and Denzel Washington wants revenge against them for some reason. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

It's nearly the end of the day and I haven't blogged anything yet.  I guess that's going to be a regular occurrence now. 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Movie review: Venom

This movie wasn't good.  Marvel has been making hit movies for the past 12 years, and this was like...what if Marvel suddenly reverted back in time 20 years?  This was the type of superhero movie you would expect to see in the late 90's.  Remember those movies?  You'd go to the theater to see X-Men, and there'd be this line where Wolverine asks why they all have to wear black leather uniforms, and Cyclops would respond: "What would you prefer, yellow spandex?"  And the whole audience would go "Ooooh."  And you'd sit there thinking, "Why AREN'T they wearing yellow spandex?"  And the line would get under your skin to the point where you'd just want to corner Joss Whedon in a room and demand he tell you exactly who wrote that line or else you would kidnap his entire family. 

I was actually disappointed to see Stan Lee cameo in the movie, and I checked to see when the movie was released, because I didn't want this to be the last-ever Stan Lee cameo.  

Sunday, August 16, 2020

My left hand feels a little less numb today.   I mean, it's still pretty numb on the edge, but it's not getting worse.  My ring finger is only about half-numb.  But, before, the numbness was contained to only my pinky and ring fingers, and now it's kinda taken over a space which follows from the space between my pink and ring finger straight down to my wrist.  So everything to the right of that line (if my palm is facing towards me) is kinda numb.  And it's worse on my palm side than on the back of my hand. 

Saturday, August 15, 2020

My left hand is going numb.  Is that normal?  I don't think that's normal.  I had this happen several years ago when I was playing rugby in college.  It started with the pinky and ring finger on my left hand.  They kind of had this numbness like when your foot falls asleep, except it doesn't go away.  It's just like that all day.  But now it's probably due to being on the computer so much and not stretching my neck a lot.

Friday, August 14, 2020

I should get into the habit of writing regularly on this blog again.  I'll write something every day.  It doesn't have to be good.  It can be bad.  It doesn't have be long.  It can be very short. 

I made another blog a few years ago called Manic News, and I've been using it as a place to post things which might be construed as newsworthy.  The problem is there's a boundary in regards to what sort of posts I can write there.  I can't write anything personal on a site which is supposed to feel "newsy."  Or, if I do want to write something personal, I have to do some weird contortions to make it fit. 

So in some ways it fulfilled it purpose.  But a lot of the time it didn't serve any benefit at all.  I'll keep it around, of course.  It only costs, like, $12 a year to keep the domain name.