Thursday, February 18, 2021

Day 12

10:00 A.M.

I got an omelet from the grill this morning, and there were a couple TV's in the corners playing Spectrum 1 News, so I got a glance at the headlines.

The first headlines said AOC goes vegetarian in honor of Jamie Raskin's son.  I don't know who Jamie Raskin's son is.  Maybe it was Congressman Jamie Raskin's son.  Did the son choke to death on a steak or something?  There was a chryon about New York City suspending road-side dining today, but sidewalk dining was still okay.  There was a commercial where a dumbass tries to go into a business, and he sees a sign saying all customers must wear a mask, and he realizes he forgot his mask!  What a dumbass!  So the commercial was selling some sort of cloth mask with a lanyard.  I think the lanyard is so you'll never forget your mask.  There was another news story about a "war of words" between Andrew Cuomo and an Asian politician.  I thought it might be Andrew Yang, but I'm pretty sure it was a different Asian politician, which means there are two of them now.  And finally there was a story about a K-12 talented & gifted program.  So that's really more than enough news exposure for one day.  AOC going vegetarian is a big deal, because she has millions of Twitter followers, and she's young and can dance, unlike Bill Gates who's old and wears glasses all the time and got his brains blown out in the South Park movie.

11:15 A.M.

You know what tripped me up yesterday?  I wanted to check the Raw ratings, and usually they show up on on Tuesday afternoon a few minutes after 4:00 P.M.  But there are delays this weeks because of President's Day, so ShowBuzzDaily wouldn't have them until Wednesday afternoon.  Sometimes, when this happens, another newz site will have ratings info before it has appeared on ShowBuzzDaily, and so I was checking the F4W board to see if anyone on the Raw Ratings thread was posting about the ratings, and I was refreshing somewhat frequently after 2:00 P.M.

I had already cracked earlier in the day and checked a couple websites, but that seemed to amplify it.  I checked Glenn Greenwald's substack and read his latest post, and, like I said, I checked the New York Post app and checked the YouTube home page for their video recommendations.

It wasn't a bad cracking.  I mean, I scanned for some conversations on Twitter, but it could've been a lot worse.  I was refreshing Wreddit a lot during NXT, and I was checking the NXT thread on the F4W board.  I'm not sure what I'm doing when I read these conversations.  I'm absorbing them.  That's a given.  I remember one time after the Super Bowl turning on Mike & Mike on ESPN.  I remember that.

11:30 A.M.

For a few days in a row I've walked by the nearby subway station.  There's a red AM New York stand, and it's been behind a whole stack of big, black trash bags, and behind some stacks of square wooden boards.  I don't know if there are any newspapers inside.  And what is it with these stacks of square wooden boards?  Does every business and restaurant just have a bunch of wooden boards lying around they need to discard?  Around the corner there are a couple other news stands, including a blue, metallic China Daily news stand, and you have to insert 25-cents in order to open it.  It used to be 50-cents, but sometime in the last couple of weeks it was reduced to 25-cents, so I've bought a couple copies of China Daily.  I don't know if there's a daily version for New York City, because I bought a copy earlier in the week and it was dated Thursday, February 11th.  So it definitely skipped Friday.  I forget exactly which day I bought it.  Actually, it was the same day I bought those Bang energy drinks, because I remember bringing it back to my room and there were some wet marks on the front of the newspaper because the Bang energy drinks were being kept in this container with ice, so some of the water from the cans dripped onto the newspaper.  So that would've been Monday morning.

My point is that the AM New York stand was behind all this garbage and debris, and the China Daily stand was unblocked.  There wasn't anything in its way.

11:45 A.M.

One of my open tabs yesterday was a Substack post from this "Saving Journalism" site.  I think the Substack was titled The Committee to Save Journalism.  It was a whole post about Taylor Lorenz and The New York Times.  I enjoy a good dunking as much as anyone.  I enjoy a pile-on.  People were piling on Taylor Lorenz because she went on Twitter claimed a certain tech guy was using the "r-slur" (as she called it" in a chat room, but apparently she identified the wrong guy.  I assume Taylor Lorenz is good at her job, but I think the thing with this incident is it was kind of reminiscent of middle school.  And if you've ever been in that situation where a girl (or guy) was talking about you behind your back, and spreading a falsehood to boot, then you look at what Taylor Lorenz was doing and you're like, "Hey, fuck that person."  I think that's why the pile-on is so enjoyable    

It's not going to save journalism, though.  You're not going to save journalism by creating the next Vox or the next Axios, or by getting back at people like Taylor Lorenz.

08:25 P.M.

This is the hardest test coming up.  I haven't checked Wreddit all day, which means the front page will be filled entirely with new stories.  And if I check Wreddit right now, I might be able to get away with not checking it again until tomorrow.  In other words, it's possible (but not likely) that I would only be checking it once today.  And it's so tempting.  It's a subtle temptation, too.  It's a five-second process, and it takes no real physical effort.  If I had to get out of bed and physically go to, like, a library or an Apple store to check the internet, it would be much tougher.  If I didn't have my laptop right here at my fingertips.  But I do.  I don't think anyone in the history of the world has ever fought against this specific temptation.  There are probably a lot of jamokes who are addicted to porn and who try to go days at a time without checking porn sites; that seems like a common temptation to fight.  But has anyone else ever tried to fight the temptation to check a specific subreddit?  I doubt it.    

08:30 P.M.

I watched some YouTube videos on TV today.  I'm using the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and when you're watching a YouTube video tht way and you pause the video, you'll see four thumbnails creeping up from the bottom of the screen, and you can see enough of each thumbnail to get a sense for what the videos are about.  For example, one video I kept seeing creeping up was about GameStop.  I don't know if it was good news for GameStop or bad news for GameStop, but YouTube was really pushing that video.  There was a also a WWE video featuring Keith Lee and Roman Reigns.  But YouTube can sometimes serve as a substitute for watching regular TV news, and I'm trying to avoid the news, so I'm trying to avoid any YouTube video which wouldn't come up on my "Subscriptions" page.  I've pretty much managed to do that today.   

09:00 P.M.

I can do this.  I just have to make it one day, and maybe that will be enough.  But it is kind of tempting to check Wreddit on Friday morning, because that's when they have the "Zero Fucks Friday" thread, which is a good look into the SCJerk mindset.  SCJerk is an offshoot subreddit with about 10,000 subscribers or so, and part of their schtick is they'll bash AEW a lot, and bash Dave Meltzer a lot.  So when you check the Zero Fucks Friday thread, often the top comments will be someone taking a shot at some sort of talking point that had sprung up during the week.  I've noticed people will often respond to something specific Dave Meltzer had said, and I think there's a pattern where they'll mainly respond to what he said if there was already a post about it on Wreddit.  For instance, during one radio show, Dave mentioned how WWE would have fans in attendance at WrestleMania in Tampa Bay, and he mentioned they can do this because they've bought off the governor or something like that.  It was a silly jab, since the Super Bowl in Tampa also had fans in attendance, but I don't think the comment came 100% out of left field, because WWE did get their employees classified as, like, essential workers last year, which caught people by surprise at the time, so maybe he was thinking about that.  Anyway, there was a post about Dave's remarks on Wreddit.  I think the thread itself got downvoted, and I'm pretty sure someone then brought it up in the Zero Fucks Friday thread that week and was bashing Dave for it.  Here's the big question:  Would someone still have complained about that comment in the ZFF thread if there hadn't been a Wreddit post about it earlier in the week?  Would people in ZFF have had that talking point if it wasn't for that one poster?  

09:20 P.M.

I've wondered if it's okay to go back and look at old Wreddit threads for the purpose of writing about them?  Old Reddit threads are like a snapshot; they don't tend to change.  There's only one thing that will change with each visit.  I'm talking about the ticker in the sidebar which says, for example:

537,809 readers
11,156 users here now

The ticker is static so long as you don't refresh the page.  But if you refresh the page, the ticker will update with the latest numbers.  Usually there's between 9,000 and 11,000 people on Wreddit at any given time.  During shows on Monday or Wednesday night, or during a pay-per-view, the number might jump up to around 18,000.  And if I happened to visit an old thread, and saw the ticker said something like "25,000 user here now," I would have to check the front page in order to see what thread was garnering so much attention.  I wouldn't be able to help myself.

09:25 P.M.

Is there a way to checking wrestling news without checking wrestling news?  I don't think there is.

09:40 P.M.

You know what?  I do get promotional e-mails from WWE with match cards.  That's a way to check wrestling news without checking wrestling news.

10:20 P.M.

I'm watching a basketball game between Idaho vs. Portland State on Pluto TV.  Or at least I'm trying to, since the connection keeps lagging.  Idaho is 0-17 this season, but I think they're due.

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