Friday, February 19, 2021

Day 13

12:20 A.M.

I went the whole day yesterday without checking Wreddit.  So there's a chance I can do it again today.

5:45 A.M.

There's this chiropractor on YouTube, Dr. Gregory Johnson.  I've watched a lot of his videos, and he has this technique called the "ring dinger."  To perform it, he has the patient lie back-down on a table, and he hits a switch that makes a platform rise up so that the patient's lower legs are lifted into the air.  So the patient's body is in the shape of the Z-shaped Tetris piece.  And Dr. Johnson always says this is how the patient should be sleeping from now on--flat on their back and with their legs raised up in the air.

In all the videos I've watched, I've only seen one patient ask, "Well what am I supposed to put my legs on?"  And Dr. Johnson said they could use a laundry basket.  

5:50 A.M.

I was watching a chiropractic video on YouTube yesterday (not Gregory Johnson), and at one point the patient was lying back-down on the table and the doctor asked her to turn her head to the right.  And the patient lifted up their hands for a moment, and I realized they were doing the thing where you point your thumb and index finger to figure out which side makes the "L."  It was the funniest thing I saw all day.  The doctor was studying the patient's ankles, and I don't think he saw her make the gesture with her hands.  A moment later he asked her to turn her head to the left, and she was able to figure that out without consulting her hands.  A minute later he asked her to tilt her head to the left, and this time she consulted with only her left hand.  She had a pretty good idea which side was supposed to be the left, but she wanted to make sure.  Again, I don't think the doctor saw the hand gesture.

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