Saturday, February 20, 2021

Day 14

3:55 A.M.

I listened to a Bryan & Vinny review of WCW Fall Brawl 1996.  They were talking about the War Games match and praising the booking and layout of the match, so I went and watched the pay-per-view.  The Juvi vs. Konan match in particular was awful.  You had Juvi hitting move after move from the top rope, and Konan would just kick out at two to no reaction from the crowd.  What's the point of hitting all those moves if none of them work?  You're just destroying the concept of moves.  The War Games match was alright, though it felt like the timing was off.  You had a two-minute countdown for each entrant, and guys would just enter when there was still 15 seconds left on the clock.  This was a little after midnight, and I was thinking this would be the last thing I would watch on the WWE Network.  And I wanted to be real particular about letting the whole thing play, and waiting until it returned to the screen with the thumbnails.  And the connection kept lagging badly near the end of the match.  The video would play for a few seconds, and then leg.  Play for a few seconds, and then lag.  And I think the WWE Network is one of those streaming services that will just assume you're done watching a show if you turn it off with very little time remaining.  And, maybe I mentioned earlier how the internet connection is so spotty that sometimes the WWE Network just stops playing entirely, and you have to exit the app and reload it, or sometimes just unplug the Amazon Fire TV Stick in hopes of resetting its connection to the WiFi.  So the match was drawing to an end, and it was lagging badly, and there was this long, drawn-out beatdown segment after the match.  Or at least it felt long and drawn-out, because the lag was so bad that the video would pause for five or ten or twenty seconds at a time, and then play for another few seconds, and then pause again.  It was making me really anxious, because I knew that if the WWE Network gave up, I wouldn't be able to pick up from the same spot; it would assume I was done watching the show, and then I'd have to bring it up again and try skipping around, and it's just one of those things that would've messed with my mindset.  The mindset that goes, "Okay, this is the last thing I'm watching."  Because then all of a sudden you're watching the show again.  And it laboriously made its way to the end, and there was a credits roll, but thankfully it didn't buffer that badly during the credits.  Then after the credits it returned to the thumbnail screen, so I was done.  Seriously, though, the beatdown at the end seemed to last forever with the buffering, and then the NWO made their way to the announcers' booth and began joshing there.  It would be fine under normal circumstances, but with the buffering and the "clean slate" mindset, and the lingering zombie effects from the Bang energy drink, it starts to feel like a form of torture, because you're so anxious for it to end, and you don't know if it's going to set you free or not because the stream might crap out at any moment, and then you have to start over.

3:15 A.M.

Every day has the potential to be a blank slate, but I always feel like I have to start at a certain point.  The gas station sells those Bang energy drinks, and they sell them for $4 each or two for $5, so I bought two of them on Monday morning.  I drank the first one on Monday and I drank the second one on Thursday morning.  And it basically turned me into a zombie for the next two days.  I was up until about 6 A.M. Friday morning.  When it got to around 4:00 A.M. or 5:00 A.M. I started getting desperate for either sleep or a distraction, and it's not like you can watch movies when you're a zombie; your brain can't absorb any information.  You can't read or watch movies.  All you can do is refresh pages on the internet, so I did check Wreddit around 4:00 A.M.  And the funny thing is I refreshed it about 20 times in short succession, even though there are very few new posts around 4:00 in the morning.  The last time I checked Wreddit was midnight today.  So a little over three hours ago.  I checked the front page and the new queue, and I had the settings so that 100 links showed up at a time.  I haven't checked any new pages on the internet since then.  I'm debating whether to watch the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on Sunday.  If I watch the pay-per-view, I'll be tempted to check the F4W message board and Wreddit for reactions to it.  Even if I check Wikipedia the next day, I might see something surprising and then be tempted to check the reactions.  So it might be better not to watch it.

3:05 A.M.

I was asleep during the first 45 minutes or so of SmackDown, but I read a recap and caught the rest of it live.  It's still the most fascinating show on TV.  The only active wrestlers I didn't see on-screen were the Street Profits and Kalisto, but it's possible they made appearances earlier in the show.

Rey Mysterio and Dominik teamed up again, this time against Chad Gable and Otis, and Gable and Otis turned heel.  The match ended with a DQ when Chad Gable got in the ring to coach Otis on what to do.  Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode were also on commentary during the match.  Rey Mysterio can still work, but they might just have him stay as a tag team with Dominik, in which case there would be four established tag teams on SmackDown.  

Edge showed up at the start of the show to cut a promo, and then he did little backstage vignettes with all the participants in the Elimination Chamber match.

All nine women were used on-screen again.  They also had Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler from Raw appear on the show, and there was a six-person intergender tag match which ended with Nia Jax getting pinned by Reginald.  The main event was a six-man tag match with all of the Elimination Chamber participants.      

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