Saturday, February 27, 2021

Day 21

1:45 A.M.

I'm at 214.0 pounds with my clothes on right now.  I've listened to three albums since starting this blog:

1.)  Shakira -- Laundry Service
2.)  Nightwish -- Century Child
3.)  Les Miserables -- The French version from, like, 1991

That's three album and five movies.

1:50 P.M.

I want to believe that I know everything that'll be posted on Wreddit, and everything that'll be posted on The Board, and everything that'll be said on Twitter.  The only I won't know what'll be posted is if there's a surprise.  But if there's not a surprise, then I'll know the tone of everything.  The tone isn't going to change.  Not for the next two years.  The tone will be the same.  So how do I know if there are surprises?  Well, just check one news site.  I'll check the F4W website, and only that website for a while, and see how that goes.  I already have a feeling this won't work.  It's just too tempting to check Wreddit.  I have to figure out a mantra to repeat that will prevent me from checking it.  There isn't any.  The only way to win is to stop checking all wrestling.  All of it.  100%.  

2:05 A.M.

The thing with wrestling right now, and the WWE vs. AEW thing, is it's a war.  There are two sides, fighting for supremacy, and each day there's going to be skirmishes.  And each side has an army of supporters.  And obviously there's a huge percentage of the audience who participate in social media who don't take any side.  But, if you want, then each day you can follow the progression of the war.  And it's so addicting to do that.  It's so addicting to follow the progression of the war.  Every tweet.  Every forum post.  Every thread and every comment on Wreddit is a potential thrust.  Every time someone makes a gif of a wrestler from one brand, it raises awareness of that brand and raises the visibility of that wrestler.  So you can follow a "neutral" person and see which side they're talking about.  It's so addicting.  It's one of the most addicting things in the world.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter came out with its awards issue yesterday, and AEW swept all the top categories.  You think that's not part of the skirmish?  And then people on Twitter try to disparage the Wrestling Observer.  That's part of the skirmish.  Or they make gifs of Dave Meltzer whacking off Tony Khan.  That's part of the skirmish.  Every tweet is part of the skirmish, even if the person is only talking about AEW and not mentioning WWE, or talking about WWE and not mentioning AEW.  If they're saying something positive or negative about WWE, that plays into the skirmish.

3:20 A.M.

Bushwick is "not available" when you search for it on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and "The Interview" only returns the lousy Seth Rogan / James Franco movie and not the movie starring Hugo Weaving.  

3:25 A.M.

6.)  Fighting With My Family

2:25 P.M.

The strategy of walking half an hour each day just seems to leave me more tired than before.  Well, not tired, per se, but my hip was hurting last night, and the outside edges of my feet feel hardened.

2:30 P.M.

How do I stop focusing on the Wreddit war?  I've got to focus on something else.  I could focus on the culture war!  No, wait, that's a trap as well.  Soon I would be following all the Twitter conversations regarding how Hasbro renamed Mr. Potato Head.

3:20 P..M.

I think the way you win the war is by making people forget there's a war.  Because if WWE stans forget there's a war, then all of a sudden they'll stop defending WWE in every thread.  So that's why I think neutral or humorous or even distraction posts might be more effective than posts that provoke that emotional response in people.  The top post in Wreddit the last time I looked was a gif of Rob Van Dam in ECW.  No one's going to take a side after seeing that gif.  It's just a cool wrestling gif.  One of the rising posts right now is a Streamable link from Strike_Gently titled "Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn appearing on Being The Elite despite being under WWE contract."  So that's definitely going to remind people there's a wrestling war going on.  

7:05 P.M.

Here's a mantra I can tell myself:  The internet moves So. Fucking. Slow.  If you're waiting for a news development, or a debate to take shape, it take fucking forever.  I process information at a pace which 1,000,000x faster than everyone on Wreddit.  Even people on Twitter go so fucking slow.  It's one tweet at a time, and a lot of times they're responding to someone else who made one tweet at a time.  And sometimes people don't even get straight to the point, or they drop vague hints about something they heard and you're just waiting around for days and days and days to figure out what they meant.  That's what I have to tell myself:  When you're checking Wreddit, you're basically grinding your brain to a halt.

7:10 P.M.

You have to trust your brain to get you out of this.  And you can't slow down your brain.

7:15 P.M.

Sometimes I want to check someone's Twitter feed to see if they said something regarding the WWE/AEW war.  But you have to scroll through 50 fucking tweets just to find something relevant.  It's slow, because you have to scroll through 50 things at a time just to find one tweet.  It is such a slow process.  So, if I check Wreddit once per day, I can just look at all 240 posts in about five minutes.  That won't slow down my brain too much, I don't think.  Looking at a blast of 240 posts all at once, my brain can do that while not having to slow down very much.  But if I'm refreshing Wreddit and seeing just 2 or 3 new posts at a time, then I've basically ground my brain to a halt.  I need to see 100x that amount in order for my brain not to slow down.  

7:20 P.M.

Your brain moves faster if you're just sitting on your bed doing nothing than if you're looking at the internet.  So the key is to not slow down your brain.  If you're sitting on your bed and you can hear the people in the next room howling and cackling loudly, that's a distraction, and your brain will slow down.  Your brain can't function on its own tasks if it's monitoring the noise coming from the next room.  So when you're distracted like that, you wind up going on the internet because your brain is moving so slow that you can't really focus on anything else.  You can only focus on something else that's suitable for a slow-moving brain.  It's the same with music.  If someone is in the next room and they're playing a loud beat, then your brain can only focus on that beat.  It can't let go of the tenseness and focus on anything else.

10:45 P.M.

I need fast WiFi to watch movies.  But I need to switch rooms to get faster WiFi.  And I need to pack my shit up in my suitcase and my backpack before I can switch rooms.  I'm just kind of heavy with stuff at the moment, which hampers my mobility.  I need to get more mobile.  That's the ticket.  And I need to lose some weight in order to get more mobile.  It's just a slow, plodding process to lose weight and get more mobile.  And then, if you want to weigh yourself, you have to take off all of your clothes.  Is there a correlation between mental heaviness and physical heaviness?  Like, if I stop opening tabs and looking at stuff online, will that make me physically lighter?  I need more long-sleeve shirts as well, because I think the sheets are getting kind of dirty after the past three weeks, and one of my hang-ups is that I don't want my arms to keep getting dirty.  There are so many hang-ups that just prevent you from being mobile.  I've got three newspapers in my room--two copies of the New York Post and one copy of China Daily, and I feel an obligation to read those papers before I throw them away.

10:50 P.M.

Watching movies is the best way to avoid using the internet.  But you need fast WiFi to watch movies.  Otherwise your mind gets bored and you think about eating or you think about using the internet.  And using the internet makes you stupid, and you lose impulse control so you wind up eating more.  Fast WiFi is the key to losing weight.  No one who has fast WiFi ever got overweight.  In fact, the time when I first started putting on weight corresponded with the first time in my life when I didn't have internet access in my home.  It's not a fucking coincidence.

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