Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Day 4

08:40 A.M.

One of those big food carts tipped over on the side of the road.  It was lying partly in the bike path and partly on the sidewalk.  I didn't see what caused it, but I did hear two garbagemen arguing with each other as they were picking up trash on the other side of the road.  The guy tossing in the bags was shouting something like "Two minutes [inaudible] the whole thing!" over and over.  

The owner of the food cart stared lowering himself in through the side window and he removed a gas container and what looked like a propane tank.  There was some other debris on the sidewalk.  He wrapped a big yellow strap around the roof and then got in his vehicle and maneuvered it so he was almost perpendicular to the sidewalk and blocking traffic.  A couple sanitation guys and a pedestrian stopped by to help him.  He kept whirring his car, trying to pull the cart back onto its wheels.  The cart would rise a little bit off the sidewalk but the roof was also caving in because of the strap, and the guy's vehicle was emitting a lot of steam or combustion of whatever it is that indicates you're messing up your engine.  But around the fifth try he managed to get it up with a little push from the sanitation workers.  I don't know if it was the same two sanitation workers who were arguing with each other; you tend to see a lot of garbage trucks head down the road in the morning.    

The guy is still in the cart now.  The last thing I saw him do was reattach some of the placards in the window area.

4:15 P.M.

One of my internet addiction is Wreddit--i.e. the professional wrestling forum on Reddit, at  It's like a perfect encapsulation of internet drama.  I've checked, and on a typical day you'll see 240 visible posts.  And I'll take a wild guess and say the moderators removed around 45 other posts per day, for a nice, non-round number of 285.  Most of the posts aren't going to be controversial at all.  They're going to be gifs, or videos, or tweets from wrestlers, or articles with excerpts from interviews, or discussion posts.  A top post recently was about Wade Barrett officially becoming a US citizen.  I'm looking at the front page right now (the top 25 links) and everything there just sounds like a normal wrestling thread.  The #3 post right now is a video of an old Eddie Guerrero promo.  

But then, every so often, you do get that post on the front page which is heated.  There was a post yesterday which got 1,098 upvotes titled "[meta] why do we have a mod who regularly steals content from Twitter and re-uploads it without credit?"  Someone noticed that one of the moderators, /u/Strike_Gently, would take gifs or videos from Twitter, then convert them to Imgur or or Streamable, and then re-post them onto Wreddit.  And often these gifs or videos would gets lots of upvotes and make the front page.  And the OP was able to cite two examples within the past day alone.  

Strike_Gently responded and showed two examples where he re-uploaded artwork and cited the original creator, but he had to go back 15 days and 8 months, respectively, for those examples, which kinda implies that he doesn't regularly give proper credit for his other posts--and also, it's just weird that he would've uploaded both of those artwork images to in the first place, since there was obviously a source he took them from.  I've probably done that a few times myself when uploading something onto Imgur, but I don't think I did it with artwork specifically.  So that's a perfect encapsulation of Reddit drama, where you have a moderator who's karma-hungry, and they get accused of swiping other people's work without credit.

And I do think OP had a point.  OP showed two recent examples (here and here) of wrestling clips that appear to have been taken from the Twitter account of @GarrettKidney (here and here).  One if a quick intercut of three different wrestling matches, and the other is a gif from just one match.  

Then there's the question of:  How often does Strike_Gently actually do this?  He's made 50 posts in the last two weeks, and 16 have been either Imgur or or Streamable, although I suspect he also tends to delete posts that don't perform well right away.  And there's no way to know how many of those 16 posts were re-uploaded from someone else on social media (though, of course, two of them were cited specifically by that OP).

I think the main issue is he's just kind of a karma-whore and, when you're that prominent, you tend to rub people the wrong way.  Strike_Gently hasn't posted or commented in the last 21 hours, so it seems like he's laying low for a bit.  

4:50 P.M.

I didn't have a salad today, but I did get an omelette from a nearby grill place, and it really the spot.  Half the container was basically hash browns, but those hash browns hit the spot, too.  It was just a good omelet.  A basic 2-egg omelet with cheese and three ingredients that I picked at random.  I tried an omelet from a Korean place on the corner, and it was just an omelet that leaves you with a vague dissatisfaction.  You're just thinking, "This will get me through the day...I guess." 

5:40 P.M.

I bought a 99-cent bag of pork rinds yesterday.  I always assumed pork rinds were rough and inedible, like a dog's chew toy.  Turn outs they have a same texture like buttery cheese puffs.  I ate half the bag and put the remainder in the mini-fridge.

5:50 P.M.

Someone made a post in Wreddit Monday morning titled "Alexa Bliss’ stalker is now threatening to cause physical harm/death upon her fianc√©."  It got 471 upvotes, and linked to a tweet from a Twitter user named Albert Little (@AlbertLittle666) who tweeted:  "Hello @AlexaBliss_WWE it is tomorrow now and not Instagram pictures only you like some stupid fans' tweets. I seems like you though I was joking when I said @RyanCabrera needs to sleep a long sleep no was not joking he will see angels soon."

The top comment, from Reddit user /u/cartrman, said: "Why the heck does this guy have 59 followers. Report him!"

Albert is up to 303 followers now.  

6:10 P.M.

The hotel janitor finally went into Room 811 just now to clean it up.  There had been a bedsheet jammed into the doorway since Frankie left.  I came out to take a peek.  There was some trash on the ground, but otherwise the room looked normal.  I said something to the janitor, but he doesn't speak English very well.  I would assume he knows what happened, but all he said was "Lot of problems."  That could've been a general statement.

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