Saturday, February 13, 2021

Day 7

07:40 A.M.

I'm trying a thing where I put my laptop up on the dresser, and propped it up with the Grant Morrison X-Men omnibus, so now I'm standing when typing on my laptop.  The chairs at the hovel hotel hurt my coccyx for some reason, and it's kind of awkward to type in bed, so I'm doing this thing now.  I went to the gas station last night and bought a six pack of Bud Light, a bag of popcorn and a little container of Wasabi peas.  I drank 3 of the Bud Lights.  Then when I woke up this morning I barely had to pee and also I think the bags under my eyes were a little worse.  Usually ever morning I have to pee pretty pretty badly, and this was the first morning where I was actually kind of dehydrated--at least, judging by the color of me pee.  Everyone knows that if your pee is clear, you're well-hydrated, and if it looks like apple cider, you're dehydrated, and this was the first time in a while that it wasn't clear.  So I don't really take that as a good sign.  I had a drawn-out dream that I was at a library, and I can remember the scale of the room.  It was a big room with lots of tables with computer terminals.  It was a boring, rectangular layout like at the NYPL; it was more like a big round room and the tables occupied a large section in the middle, and had a layout more like the shape of an arrow.  And there were shelves and nooks to the side and the front desk at the bottom of the arrow.  I feel like I was going there several days in a row.  And I'm kind of at a library right now, except it's a one-person library.  

I never found libraries very productive.  Computer labs could be productive, but when you go a library you're surrounded by people who are making noise.  It's a weird contradiction.  You're supposed to go to the library because it's quiet there and you can study, but you get there and it's noisy and you can't focus.  My room at the hovel hotel right now is quieter than any library.  Of course someone down the hall might start playing music later in the day, but right now it's quiet.  

7:55 A.M.

I pledged to go until 10:00 A.M. without checking the internet, which is now starting to feel like a long time.  It didn't feel like a long time at 7:40 A.M., but now it feels like a long time.

09:05 A.M.

I'm at 213.2 pounds right now.  So I've gained almost a pound since yesterday.  If you skip dinner, you lose a pound, and if you eat dinner (or, rather, snacks from the gas station) at night, you gain a pound.  That seems to be how it goes.  There's no middle option where you eat dinner and maintain the same weight.  So I've got to have a big breakfast, and then eat dinner around 6:00 P.M.  Well, that's what I'll try.  I won't get a salad around 2:00 P.M.  I'll just hold off on that second meal until later in the day.  

09:40 A.M.

Only 20 more minutes until I can check the internet again.  I'm going to head out and get breakfast.

10:00 A.M.

Okay, I got another omelet, with toast and homefries, plus a blueberry muffin.  There's no way that I should need to get more food until 7:00 P.M or 8:00 P.M.  So no fucking salad in the middle of the day.

11:15 A.M.

I hadn't checked Wreddit for about 12 hours, and there really wasn't anything new.  There was a cameo video of Evil Uno, one guy shared a picture of a tattoo, and there's an article with an excerpt of a Chris Hero interview.  I'll check again at noon.  I've got C-SPAN on mute on the TV again.

12:25 P.M.

Seth Rollins returned on Smackdown and cut a promo in the ring.  He pretty much has the same character as he did a few months ago, and he didn't have a new disciple or anything.  The entire roster (minus Roman Reigns and maybe a few other people) came down and surrounded the ring while he cut a promo, so that right there just about fulfilled the "goal" of every active roster member appear on-screen.  Even Buddy Murphy was there despite the fact he hasn't wrestled for a few months.  Even without that gimmick, I think just about every roster member would've appeared on-screen during the episode.  The only other absent guys I can think of are Jimmy Uso, Aleister Black, and Steve Cutler.  Kalisto got to appear in a backstage segment with Sasha Banks.       

They ran a couple babyface vs. babyface matches.  Big E defended the Intercontinental Title against Shinsuke Nakamura, which ended in a DQ.  And the Street Profits beat Otis and Chad Gable.  

The overnight rating for Smackdown showed an average of 1.884 million viewers this week, compared to an average of 2.126 million viewers last week.

I can probably go until 8 P.M. without checking anything on the internet again.  I might check a couple open tabs or links I already opened yesterday, but I'm not going to open anything new.

04:40 P.M.

I did cave early and checked Wreddit a little after 4:00 P.M.  I had taken another nap, and woke up just in time to watch the vote from the impeachment trial.

I have to ask myself:  What's the most important thing right now?  Losing weight, avoiding caffeine, or avoiding the internet for limited amounts of time?  Probably losing weight, because I suspect losing weight would give me more energy and make the other two goals easier.  I haven't consumed any caffeine for nearly a week, so I'm still meeting that goal, but it is tempting just to grab a Diet Coke or a Bang energy drink every now and then, especially if my throat is sore.  When the covid thing started, I somehow convinced myself that drinking two liters of Coke Zero each day would protect me from adverse symptoms.  I know it was silly, but it wasn't really that silly.  

04:50 P.M.

This would be the time of day when I might eat a salad as a 1/2-meal.  That's the danger.  I can go a couple more hours without eating a 1/2-meal and just eat a regular meal later in the night.

5:05 P.M.

Here's an issue:  My tailbone is still hurting, and I do have a bottle of Advil.  But you shouldn't take Advil on an empty stomach.  So I have to take 2 Advil with a can of Bud Light from the fridge, since that will prevent the empty stomach issue.  So I have to drink a can of Bud Light.  There's no other choice.

5:20 P.M.

The bodega at the corner sells heroes for $6 or $6.50, which is a pretty good deal.  I think that's better than what you'll get at Subway.  But they only have so many heroes per day.  If you show up later in the evening, all they've got is rolls, and they charge like $4.50 or $5.00 for a roll, which frankly feels like a ripoff.  So if you want to get value on your dinner, you have to show up closer to 5:00 P.M. or 6:00 P.M.  That's another of the stupid calculations that determines when I eat during the day.  Or I could just cross the highway and go to the 24-hour bodega, which has tastier heroes anyway.  But my tailbone is still bothering me, so maybe I want to lay off on that trek.  The gas station really doesn't have any good options for dinner.  They have noodles, which aren't really healthy, and Belvita bars, which make for an okay breakfast snack but aren't filling.  The wasabi peas were pretty bad, even though I ate the whole container.  There is a Halal Guys place nearby which serves a big platter for $11, but that doesn't seem like the best way to lose weight.   There is another bodega a couple blocks to the west, but you don't always want to wander these streets late at night.

Maybe I'll just skip dinner tonight.  At some point I've got to start starving myself a little if I want to lose weight. 

5:25 P.M.

I'm at 214.8 pounds right now.  I just have to get that lower.

5:30 P.M.

There was a Wreddit post last night titled "Dawn Marie poses with her little arm," which was just a screencap of an old ECW show which made it look like Dawn Marie had a tiny right army.  It was a dumb post, but it was the sort of dumb post that gets a lot of upvotes.  It was up to 44 upvotes (93% upvoted) before one of the moderators removed it for being "low effort content."  It might have gotten to the top of the subreddit if it hadn't been removed.''

6:00 P.M.

There's a [Meta] discussion and a vote taking place on Wreddit right now about whether to ban Jim Cornette posts.  The reasoning is that's he's racist, sexists, possibly homophobic, etc...  so that's why the vote is taking place.

On Raw last Monday, there was a spot where Nia Jax landed on the apron and screamed "My hole!"  There were a few posts about it that reached the top of the subreddit, so obviously people found it funny.  

Jim Cornette talked about the spot on his podcast, and there was a clip of it posted on his YouTube channel, and someone shared the clip on Wreddit.  And the top comment, from user nxgga_wzrd, was "Jesus fuck this sub has gone to shit."  It got 15 upvotes.  But it's not clear what he's referring to when he says the subreddit has gone to shit.  Was he upset that people were talking about the "My hole" spot?  Maybe, but there were other posts about that same spot that reached the top of the subreddit, and I don't get the feeling it was a divisive spot.  This wasn't scatological humor.  It was a girl hurting her butt!  Everyone thought it was funny.  I think he was just annoyed about a Jim Cornette video getting posted, and that's what he meant by "this sub has gone to shit."  He felt that the mere act of sharing a Jim Cornette video is making the sub shitty.  And that's the type of sentiment which, due to the [Meta] discussion, gets encouraged in the short term.  nxgga_wzrd made only one comment in the Meta discussion about Jim Cornette.  Someone suggested banning Vince Russo posts, and he replied "+1."  

The funny thing is you hardly ever see Vince Russo posts on Wreddit.  You see discussions about Vince Russo but you hardly see clips from his podcast or things like that.  I think there was one post in the last month with a clip from his show, and that post got 0 upvotes.  So the people who want to ban Vince Russo aren't really reacting to something that's prevalent, and when it does show up it doesn't make an impact.

One user, Shrekt115, wrote "Stop posting that clown" and it's sitting at 1 upvote with a "controversial" icon.  Another user, SlayerOfMemes88, then replied to that, saying "Add Meltzer to that list." and it's sitting at -1 upvotes with a controversial icon.  At least when people complain about Dave Meltzer they're complaining about someone whose tweets and posts get a lot of visibility.

08:20 P.M.

I'm down to 213.6 pounds right now.  So I've met my earlier goal of not eating until around 08:00 P.M. (not counting the Bud Light).

08:35 P.M.

I've got to get under 213 pounds.  From 213 pounds, it's way to easy to balloon back up to 215.5 pounds, which is a level I was stuck at for a long while.  But once the scale starts with 212, it feels like a safe zone.  And then I can just hover in the 212.0 - 212.8 range for a while.


I'm at 213.4 pounds right now.  

09:45 P.M.

I went to the bodega a few blocks away and got an italian sub, a banana, and a bag of seaweed snacks.  I ate the seaweed and half of the sub, and right now I weight 214.0 pounds.  Which means I should probably weigh 213.0 pounds in the morning, assuming I lose a pound of weight in my sleep.

09:50 P.M.

I'm up to 214.4 pounds now that I drank some water.  But here's the goal:  I have that banana, and I have the half an italian sub in the fridge, but I'm not going to eat the sub until I'm down to 212.8 pounds.  That's my goal.  Lose a pound and a half before eating the rest of the sub.

11:25 P.M.

Room 811 is being rented again.  There were four people in there this evening, and I watched as three of them (two guys and a girl) left.  The guy staying in the room was saying goodbye, and one of the other guys said something like how he was surprised the host only took "one shot" of something.  And the guy in the room said, "Sometimes I can't be selfish.  I gotta think about the next party....Hey, be safe you guys."  So he seems like a responsible guy.

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