Sunday, February 14, 2021

Day 8

12:05 A.M.

I'll see how long I can go today with only checking Wreddit.  I don't think the frequency really matters that much, so much as making sure I don't visit any other sites.  It's the other sites that cause the distraction.  Sometimes, if there's nothing new on Wreddit, I'm tempted to check the F4W board, or I check other subreddits like /r/movies, /r/television, /r/nfl, /r/drama, or /r/askreddit, and I want to avoid that.

12:55 A.M.

There was a flurry of posts on Wreddit centering around some tweets from Steve Austin and CM Punk.  The first, by JoeM3120, was titled:  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and CM Punk team to combat some Bleacher Report “fake news.”  It contained this image:

The next post, by  Luchador1916, was titled:  "Steve Austin exposed B/R wrestling."  It contained the same Austin tweets, as well as the original tweet from Bleacher Report.  The Bleacher Report tweet said ".@CMPunk’s response if he ever went one-on-one with @steveaustinBSR 😅," and it contained this image:

So that's two people applauding Steve Austin and CM Punk for "exposing" fake news from Bleacher Report.  The problem is that CM Punk really did tweet that out a couple days ago during an #AskPunk session:

The next two posts, from YBpleasegohomu and JoeKool23, were titled "Steve Austin responds to CM Punk on the match that *should* have happened" and "Stone Cold responds to CM Punk’s tweet about a possible match," and contained this tweet from Austin acknowledging really had said the earlier remark:

9:10 A.M.

A lot of Wreddit posts are gifs, images, or videos clips of old matches.  Other posts have a format of:  "5 years ago today, so-and-so did a thing."  Wrestling has been popular for decades, so there's a lot of material to work with.  There was a post this morning titled "22yrs ago today the WWE presented St. Valentine's Day Massacre. In my opinion it was a great PPV with some fun matches and the debut of Big Show."  So it's literally decades of material to work with.  Another post this morning was titled "Let me take you back to the last time Cesaro had a single's title opportunity," which was a YouTube clip on WWE's channel of a match from 2017.  A post from two minutes ago was titled "10 years ago today. The Rock returned after a 7 year absence."

The top post yesterday was a gif from an old match (I think 2016) of Cesaro jumping off a ladder onto the ropes and hitting an uppercut to Kevin Owens.  The thread got 6,950 upvotes, and a bunch of people made comments like 'Why hasn't Cesaro been made champion yet?' so it just seemed like a karma grab on the current Cesaro hype.  I noticed at one point the OP deleted his account, so I took a look, and the OP was named WorkSlow69.  Their Reddit account was created on February 5, and the account is actually suspended.

WorkSlow90 made 6 posts on Reddit, and 4 of them were blatant reposts of thread by Strike_Gently.  I had noticed some of these reposts throughout the week but just chalked it up to the normal recycling of images.  I didn't realize someone was deliberately making reposts.  Here are the 4 reposts in question:

Those latter two posts got 914 upvotes and 872 upvotes, respectively.

Then there were two other posts which I assume were also reposts, but it's not obvious where they were taken from:

10:10 A.M.

There was a random comment on that Strike_Gently post from 4 days ago.  The OP was bringing up, and user cjenvy said, "Also let's be real wrestletalk should be banned here anyways."  And he didn't give a reason why WrestleTalk should be banned.  Some people were trying to address the ethics of WrestleTalk summarizing reports from paywalled sources, which is 100% normal, but I'm not sure if that's what cjenvy had in mind when he said WrestleTalk should be banned.  I think he just randomly wanted a newz site to be banned.  The comment has -13 downvotes.

I have this thing where I focus on random comments like those, because I feel like they're more interesting than the top comments a lot of the time.

11:50 A.M.

Here's another random nostalgia post on Wreddit:  "24 years ago today, The Rock won his first ever title in WWE vs Hunter Hearst Hemsley."  That thread got 26 upvotes.  You could literally recycle these forever.

12:05 P.M.

There was a post on Wreddit a few hours ago titled: "SLAM: Sammy Guevara reportedly in hot water with AEW after nixing Impact storyline."  It's from  A lot of the commenters didn't trust the source, and the thread was downvoted, but there really isn't any reason to distrust the source.  It's the type of situation where you wouldn't know whether the story is B.S. for several hours, because you would expect either Sammy Guevara or Chris Jericho to chime in if the story gains traction.  So you have to wait several hours for the dust to settle, so to speak.  Probably a good five or six hours, at the very least.      

04:05 P.M.

I think it does take 5 or 6 hours for the dust to settle on any story.  A couple hours after the story came out, there was a Fightful report which confirmed some of the details but not all of the details.  Basically there was an idea to bring Sammy Guevara to IMPACT and there was an issue with creative.  Now there's a discussion on The Board about the story, and people are trying to figure out how much of the story is true, but no one on The Board would really know the details themselves so it's just people taking an educated guess based on their experiences as wrestling fans.

4:35 P.M.

There's a guy and a girl in room 811.  I heard the guy leaving the room this morning, and I could see the girl looking at herself in the bathroom mirror.  As soon as he left, she turned on some rap music.  This was like 8:00 A.M. in the morning, so I was just bracing myself for having to listen to rap music all day.  But the guy came back about 20 minutes later, and before entering the room he wandered down the hallway a bit.  There was a couple arguing in a different room at the end of the hallway, so he was taking a quick listen and he muttered about it under his breath.  And as soon as he went back into Room 811 he turned off the music.  This guy is a real role model:  He parties responsibly, he turns off music when he enters the room, and he gets annoyed with couples arguing down the hall.

4:40 P.M.

There was another post which made its way to Wreddit from which confirmed several parts of the Slam Wrestling story but which stated the relationship between AEW and IMPACT was still strong.  So it really has taken 6-1/2 hours to get more updates on the story.

5:50 P.M.

There was a discussion thread four days ago on Wreddit about whether to ban Jim Cornette posts.  It's been stickied multiple times, and the thread has 1,185 comments.  The mods haven't given any indication about when they would make a decision, but 4 days seems like an excessively long time to run a poll.

5:55 P.M.

I went to and set a 1-hour timer.  The goal is to avoid refreshing Wreddit for an hour at a time, so maybe the online stopwatch will help with that.

06:00 P.M.

It's pretty easy to wait one hour.  It's harder to wait two hours.  Two hours is just a slog.  And then five hours just feels impossible at times.

6:25 P.M.

I got a bacon cheeseburger and french fries from the Korean market.  I also got an orange and asked for ketchup packets.  The guy at the counter didn't put my stuff in a bag, and for a moment I was thinking, "What the fuck?  Put my stuff in a bag!"  Then I realized I have, like, two or three pockets, and it's easy to carry everything.

06:30 P.M.

I made it one hour, checked Wreddit, and set the timer again.

06:50 P.M.

Dave Meltzer briefly commented on the Slam Wrestling story.  He went onto the F4W board and wrote: "Story is true but I don't sense anyone is that upset by it."

07:00 P.M.

I did wind up eating the other half of the italian sub around 2:00 A.M. last night, which further confirms my observation that I can't store any food in my room, since I'll eat it pretty quickly.  I was planning to save the sub until the next morning or early afternoon, and it barely lasted a few hours.  The only thing I can store in the fridge is milk.  I won't drink milk right away.  I'll drink it at a normal pace.  And oranges last a while.  But everything else disappears quickly.  The only time I saved a snack until morning was when I bought a whole turkey sub and two bags of trail mix.  I ate the sub and one of the trail mix bags, and ate the second trail mix bag in the morning.  That was more of a situation where I just ate a big dinner.  If I'd only gotten a roll instead of a sub, I might have eaten both trail mix bags instead.

10:05 P.M.

I'm at 216.2 pounds right now, but I think that'll go down.  I had a big dinner, so I'm not craving anything right now.  I've been abiding by the 1-hour Wreddit timer since earlier this evening.  It seems like an okay system so far.

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