Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Day 25

1:20 A.M.

I was able to go a day and a half without checking the internet.  The problem is that I didn't get much sleep last night, so by the time noon came around, I was just lying in bed with a frazzled brain, and at that point you need a distraction to keep yourself from going crazy, but your mind is too closed off to absorb anything except little tiny streams of information at a time.  And the internet delivers tiny little streams of information at a time, and that provides the necessary distraction.  I didn't want to, but it became a physical necessity.  I guess the way to avoid the internet is to get enough sleep and maintain a open brain.  But you have to build your way up to that.  At some point, your brain becomes tired and shuts down, and I get the feeling that will happen even when you do get a full night's sleep.  A full night's sleep gives you more energy than a partial night's sleep.  Maybe I could have made it the five days if I'd gotten a full night's sleep last night.  I don't know why I felt the need to drink Diet Coke.  There are times when you drink Diet Coke and you feel better.  Or you might just feel sick and run-down and have a sore throat, and it's one of the few things that you can drink without feeling irritation.  That certainly happens from time to time.  Also, I did drink a Bang energy drink around noon yesterday, and that helped me take a shit about an hour later.  Right now, with my clothes and shoes on, I weigh 213.8 pounds.  I had an omelet and home fries yesterday morning and then got chicken and rice from the Halal cart sometimes around 6:00 P.M., so I'm not hungry right now.  If I had a muffin in the fridge or something, I'd probably eat that, but that's because I'll eat any food that's nearby.  But I don't feel tempted to go out and go to the 24-hour bodega to get a turkey sandwich or anything like that.  So, 213.8 pounds.  I'm definitely going another 4 hours without eating food, which will drop me down to about 213.2. Minus my shirts and shorts and shoes.  That's a little over 210 pounds.  I went to a pharmacy and asked if they had sleeping pills.  They had some Unisom boxes, and I took those years ago.  But I don't want to take a Unisom on the same day that I drink a Bang energy drink.  It seems like a bad idea to mix the two--taking one thing to hype you up and another thing to make you fall asleep.  So I'll have to go a day without consuming any caffeine, and if I feel tired at the end of that day, then maybe I can buy some Unisom and take it.  I'm wearing my shoes as I walk around the room listening to music because the floor is kind of hard.  It's a carpeted floor and it's still kind of hard, and I don't want to injure my goddamn Achille tendon by pacing around on a hard floor for hours at a time.  And it's a hassle to take off your shoes and clothes to weigh yourself, so I'm going to have to be content with the 213.8 number for now.

2:00 A.M.

There's a rumor NXT will be moving from Wednesday nights to Tuesday nights, which, if true, would go a long way in ending the AEW vs. WWE war on Wreddit.  Suddenly you don't have to the shows directly competing with each other, and the ratings for both shows will probably go up, and people don't have as much gristle to chew on.

There was a deleted post yesterday on Wreddit by Mrbrickjojo titled:
Bryan Alvarez on The Miz: “I’m so sick of this guy.”

It was a link to a tweet by @MeltzerSaidWhat.  The thread itself got heavily downvoted, and, while there were a lot of comments ragging on Bryan Alvarez, the overall tone was kind of mixed.  

There was another thread which was actually removed by the moderators, titled:
Raw got a little weird. 2 Randy Ortons, 1 new WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley: Wrestling Observer Live

It was an embedded video from the F4W YouTube channel.  It was posted by a guy named Ainosuke, and I really don't know what his purpose is in posting all the F4W YouTube videos.  He posts just about all the videos from their channel, and they always have inflammatory titles that cause the people on Wreddit down to downvote them.  Ainosuke himself doesn't comment on the threads, and he's been a Redditor for 7 years.  But you always have people coming into those threads to rag on Alvarez, so if your purpose was to rile up hatred towards Bryan Alvarez, then you would post those clips.  Similarly, if you wanted to promote Bryan Alvarez and promote the F4W YouTube channel, you would post those clips.  So you can't really tell what the OP's intention is.  On a side-note, I did consider posting the MeltzerSaidWhat tweet that I mentioned earlier, because sometimes you'll see people in the comments section calling out MeltzerSaidWhat for acting like an obsessed weirdo.  But it's a fine line.  People sometimes call out MeltzeSaidWhat for acting like an obsessed weird, and other times they might agree with him.  It really depends on the context of the video and the framing being done by the tweet itself.  Also, I'm worried that it would be obvious to people that I was acting like a reverse-troll--i.e. sharing a tweet from someone with the guise of agreeing with the tweeter, when really my intention was to turn people against the tweeter.  I feel like it would be really obvious I was doing that, even though in reality most people wouldn't notice or pick up on it.  Anyway, back to Ainosuke's thread.  The top comment was from BigHoss94 who wrote: "You spam these Observer links and about 99% of them get zero upvotes. What's the point?"  A valid question, and one that I've wondered myself.  Mrbrickjojo was also in the thread, complaining about Bryan Alvarez, as was trnzone, who dislikes Alvarez a lot but in his case it's the sort of dislike that I can understand.

2:15 A.M.

I need to create a separate page where I keep track of all the movies I've watched and all the albums I've listened to.  Because I'm not going to be able to keep track of the numbers if I just plop them down in the middle of random updates throughout the day.  I've already had trouble remembering how many albums I've listened to.  It's a bit of a hassle creating a new page, because I've got to open a new tab, and I've already got 14 tabs open in this window.  It's not a big hassle.  It's a small hassle.  But it's still a hassle you have to deal with.  Surfing the internet and trying to get things in order is like playing a game of Freecell all the time.  And then I've got to put the page in the sidebar so that I've got easy access to it.  Which means I've got to change the layout of this blog to add an extra widget(?) in the sidebar.  So there are about five steps involved, and I might have to open a couple more tabs to get that all done.  Step one:  Open a new tab.  Step two:  Go to your blog.  Step three:  Go to pages.  Step four:  Select "New Page."  Pretty easy so far.  Step five:  Switch from Paragraph to Normal.  Step six:  Post the most-recent album.  Step seven:  Post the most-recent movie.  Step eight:  Work backwards from there.  Step nine:  Publish page.  Step ten:  Open up a new tab and go to Layout.  Step 11:  Open up your homepage in another tab so you can see how your blog looks normally.  Okay...I got it done.

11:50 A.M.

There are five conservative news channels on Pluto TV:  Newsmax, The Blaze, America's Voice, OAN, and The First.  They also have The Young Turks, Today, Top Stories by Newsy, BNC, CNET, Cheddar, Bloomberg, Sky News, WeatherNation, NBC News Now, CNN, CBSN, CBSN New York, CBSN Los Angeles, and Pluto News.  I assume some of those will be gone by the end of the year.

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